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Just a short way from Ljubljana, in the heart of the Polhov Gradec Dolomites Landscape Park, lies Polhov Gradec, a hidden little gem of a village with a rich natural and cultural heritage. The village was once home to Count Blagay, who is particularly well-known for discovering Daphne blagayana, a beautiful little flowering plant that was named after him and was famous enough at the time of its discovery to attract the King of Saxony to visit Polhov Gradec in 1838.

The village's beautiful natural scenery and the cosy interior of Count Blagay's home, the Polhov Gradec Mansion, will transport you to a different time – a time of friendly socializing and witty conversations where rush has no place. Join a Friday tea party hosted by Count Blagay and his lovely wife Antonia, who love to have a chat with their guests over a cup of herbal tea served in their salon along with fantastic royal bread, rose butter, every flavour of Slovenian honey, rose liqueur, and whichever other local delight they may decide to prepare to pamper their guests' taste buds.

The Polhov Gradec Mansion is also home to the Museum of Post and Telecommunications, where you will learn about the rich history of postal services in Count Blagay's time and hear the story of the first local postman. You will learn everything about postilions, post horns, horse-drawn mail coaches, and the first stamp in Slovenia, listen to some post horn tunes, and try your hand at writing a letter with a quill pen under the tutelage of Count Blagay.

Tea parties at Count Blagay's are held on Fridays at 16:30. An appointment must be made by 12:00 on the Thursday before the event at the latest. If no bookings are received by that time, the event will be cancelled. (If too few bookings are received by that time, the event will be cancelled.)

Other times can be arranged for groups by appointment.

- Single ticket: 13 EUR
- Children 6 & under: 6 EUR

Booking and information: Polhov Gradec Mansion, Polhov Gradec 61, Polhov Gradec, +386 (0)31 776 259, prodaja@grad-polhovgradec.si, www.grad-polhovgradec.si.

Booking: Ljubljana Tourist Information Centre (TIC), Adamič-Lundrovo nabrežje 2, Ljubljana, +386 (0)1 306 12 15, tic@visitljubljana.si, www.visitljubljana.com.

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